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The Experiment

Before I started on my Program I first need to do an experiment in order to make an equation for my program. The program as youíll later read about in more detail finds the Solubility (Maximum amount) of dissolved oxygen in water based on the temperature and pressure. Because it was very hard for me to change the pressure outside I also put on an option that allows you to use a theoretical equation, If you choose to use mine the pressure will be automatically set to 760 torr. Before I Started my experiment I need to get the materials I would be using. I needed

The First step to my experiment was to fill the jars with water and put them in areas of different temperatures I filled up four jars and put them in these places:

I left them in these places for about 30 min (all except the stove) until their temperatures adjusted

The Next step in my experiment was to air rate the jars first I tried blowing air in to them with a straw but that was taking to long and soon my lungs got tired so I went and got my dadís fish tanks air rator. To take the DO (Dissolved Oxygen) level I would use a Dissolved Oxygen Meter from my momís work. First I had to calibrate the DO meter. The I put the DO meter in each jar the DO meter then read the DO level and the temperature for each jar. When I tried to measure the jar on the stove the meter gave me an error I noticed that the meter could not read the DO level of liquids over 40 degrease Celsius so I had to let that jar cool.

After I had all the temperatures and DO levels of the four jars all I had left was to formulate an equation. Sounds impossible right I already knew from my data that my equation was not going to be linear, But Microsoft Excel has a great feature that not only lets you graph out your data but make an equation that fits to line. So I got my Equation with Excel and then used that in my program.